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H2O Applied Technologies

A Capital-Free Alternative for Facility Upgrades

H2O's Utility Expense Reduction Program is an innovative, off balance sheet product that lets healthcare organizations hold down operating costs and renew their infrastructure without investing their own capital.

Under the Program, H2O uses its own funds to design and install efficiency measures to reduce the cost of utilities:
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Medical & solid waste
  • Telecommunications

The Program conforms with current accounting standards to allow for off balance sheet treatment of the transaction (i.e. operating lease vs. capital lease) and has been structured to eliminate the need for costly underwriting, detailed credit analysis, and lengthy financial due diligence. Funding is already in place under a standard form Utility Expense Reduction Agreement.

For more information on the Utility Expense Reduction Program, contact us at uerp@h2oappliedtech.com or call us at 617-574-1180