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H2O Applied Technologies
Client Benefits

Implementing the Utility Expense Reduction Program brings many benefits to your healthcare organization:

  • Lower operating costs using proven technology
  • Address deferred maintenance/underinvestment in physical plant
  • Improve the bottom line while reserving capital for revenue-generating projects
  • Shift financial risk away from the hospital and onto H2O
  • Establish a hedge against unpredictable utility rates
  • Reap almost immediate benefit from quick Program implementation
  • Apply resource management Best Practices

By outsourcing the installation and funding of utility expense reduction projects to H2O, hospitals avoid the delays that hamper traditional expense reduction projects.

Traditional Approach Utility Expense Reduction Program
Utility expense reduction as a process Utility Expense Reduction as a product
Capital investment required No capital, no balance sheet impact
Takes months to research, review, procure Product ready for review, funding in place, rapid implementation
Hospital takes risk if expense reduction not achieved H2O assumes risk for achieving expense reduction
Traditional technologies Traditional technologies + new ideas