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H2O Applied Technologies

Best Management Practices Pay Off for Major For-Profit Hospital Management Company (Southeast US)
A leading owner of hospitals with facilities across the state of Florida wanted better control of its water and sewer costs. With Florida's decades-long population boom continuing unabated, most cities and counties have instituted economic incentives to promote water conservation. Further, this owner actively seeks to implement Best Management Practices in all of its hospitals. The company engaged H2O Applied Technologies to develop and install a conservation project for 15 of its Florida hospitals.

Following a detailed analysis of each facility's water usage, H2O implemented the 15-hospital project that included on-site construction supervision. We worked closely with each hospital to develop an installation schedule that caused minimal disruption to the patients and staff despite the hospitals' high in/outpatient volume.

The conservation program saves 161 million gallons of water per year-a reduction of 18%-and produces annual savings in excess of $1.2 million.

Utility Expense Reduction Program Avoids Capital Funding Constraints for Leading Non-Profit Health System (Northeast US)
Steadily increasing utility rates were having a significant impact on the operating budgets of a New York health system's 10 metro-area hospitals.

After conducting a detailed evaluation of the health system's utility usage (water, electricity, fuel, and medical and solid waste), H2O Applied Technologies is implementing a systemwide project that includes a reduction in process and analytical equipment water use (sterilizers, vacuum pumps, reverse osmosis systems), on-site treatment of medical waste, destruction of confidential patient records, ground water wells for central plant makeup water and nonpotable uses, lighting and steam trap retrofits, and HVAC modifications.

The project is being funded by H2O Applied Technologies and its affiliate finance company, H2O Capital Partners, and is uniquely structured to allow the health system to achieve a significant reduction in operating expenses without using its own capital and with no balance sheet impact. Click here for more information about H2O's Utility Expense Reduction Program (UERP)