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H2O Applied Technologies
Federal Govt.

Leadership in energy and water management is not just expected but required of federal facilities to demonstrate stewardship of resources, respect for taxpayer dollars, promotion of new technologies, and greater infrastructure security. A variety of government agencies, programs, and Executive Orders provide direction, technical support, and financing options for energy and water projects. The federal sector has tapped H2O's water and energy expertise for military, research, and production facilities in the US and overseas.

The recently re-authorized Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) program extends funding for federal conservation projects, and expands the qualifying scope of these projects to specifically include water and wastewater measures. As a subcontractor to ESCO's and other authorized agents, H2O develops complex, innovative projects within the performance contracting framework, and often does so at facilities that have already implemented one or more phases of water and energy management.



Our team develops complex projects that extend far beyond the standard water conservation scope. That is why H2O is one of the nation's recognized leaders in providing "out of the box" water/wastewater cost reduction measures. These include:

  • Water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment and pre-treatment
  • Recovery and re-use
  • Alternate supply: ground and surface water sources, treated effluent, etc.
  • Irrigation
  • Distribution systems
  • Other custom-engineered solutions

In addition, H2O can provide a number of energy conservation measures, if desired by the ESCO.

H2O's capabilities provide greater scope than other water contractors. If you're not using H2O, you may be leaving money on the table.

Why include water measures in your scope?

Improved Economics
Water projects often have better returns than energy projects. When bundled into energy projects, water projects can allow for an expanded energy scope and/or shorter overall paybacks.

Increased Savings
Water projects mean new sources of savings. In many cases, H2O can help save 20-30% of water/sewer costs.

Federal Policy
The federal ESPC program, recently re-authorized through 2006, amends Executive Order 13123 to specifically include water and wastewater cost reduction measures:

"Through life-cycle cost-effective measures, agencies shall reduce water consumption and associated energy use in their facilities to reach the goals set under section 503(f) of this order. Where possible, water cost savings and associated energy cost savings shall be included in Energy Savings-Performance Contracts and other financing mechanisms." (E.O. 13123, Section 207)

With H2O on the team, ESCO's can help their customers meet federal policy objectives.

Phase II Projects
Many ESCO's with existing client relationships have already completed the most cost-effective energy and water ECM's. A Phase II project focusing on process water can be a viable opportunity for repeat business and can allow for the installation of some additional energy measures.

In a competitive situation, a comprehensive water project can be a winning differentiator. H2O's ability to develop a larger, more attractive scope than other water contractors creates a distinct advantage.