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Campus-Wide Conservation = Cost Control for Top Independent Research University (Northeast US)
Water rates in the Northeast are among the highest in the country. Facing several years of consecutive rate increases and a largely obsolete plumbing infrastructure, a large urban university found that its water-related costs were outpacing the cost of heating its entire campus, and asked H2O to develop and implement a conservation program.

Conducted in 8 phases over a 3-year period, the program included retrofit and replacement of domestic water system components throughout the campus, as well as non-domestic measures in mechanical rooms, research labs, food service areas and engineering labs.

Following the installation, the verification of savings showed that the university saves approximately 70 million gallons of water per year, reduced annual usage by more than 30% and produces annual savings of $570,000.

Targeting Science/Engineering Process Equipment Yields Major Savings for Prominent Research Institution (Northeast US)
Boston-area water rates have risen more than 400 percent over the last decade; electricity and steam costs are also high. With plans to add one million square feet to its campus and to renovate existing facilities, a prominent research university in Massachusetts needed to better manage its utility expenses.

H2O's comprehensive utility management program-conducted in five phases over four years-included recovery and reuse of various types of wastewater, replacement of water-cooled equipment with air-cooled models, an upgrade of pure water systems for research facilities, and a retrofit of process and analytical equipment to reduce steam and water use. New high-efficiency water booster pumps with variable speed controls were installed in major buildings throughout the campus to reduce electricity use.

Initial verification showed the university saving over $600,000 per year in utility expenses. Three years later, follow-up measurement verified the same level of savings.