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Case Studies

"Out of the Box" Subcontractor Expands Project Scope for Leading Federal Medical Research Institute

The DC-area campus of a federal research institute spans more than 10 million square feet of research space and employs 10,000 scientists. Acting as a subcontractor to an ESCO under the Federal Energy Management Program, H2O designed and installed a wide range of energy and water conservation systems in several major research buildings, including:

  • New, more efficient pure water systems for research applications
  • Steam trap replacement and retrofit
  • New central water cooled vacuum systems to serve labs
  • VFD's on air handling systems
  • Building system rebalancing and recommissioning
  • Elimination of simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Retrofit of analytical equipment to reduce water and steam use
  • Exhaust air heat recovery

Conducted under four separate contracts, the conservation program reduced the buildings' water use by 25% and energy use by 15%.

Utilities-Water Bundle Improves Project Payback for ESCO's Hospital Client

An ESCO was looking at a Veterans Affairs hospital project in the San Francisco area for HVAC improvements, VFD's, lighting, controls upgrades, and some equipment replacements. The ESCO calculated a simple seven-year payback but, unfortunately, the project did not cash flow within the client 's finance term limit. The ESCO asked H2O to assess opportunities for water projects that might meet the client 's payback requirements.

H2O identified a comprehensive water project that, when bundled into the ESCO's scope, reduced the overall project payback and allowed a favorable financing to be put in place.

Water Treatment Creates Phase II Opportunity for ESCO

After completing a sizable Phase I project at a military base, an ESCO had an opportunity to develop Phase II. However, most of the economically viable ECM's had already been completed. The ESCO turned to H2O as a subcontractor to help extend its client relationship.

H2O identified a multi-million dollar water treatment project with good economics that appealed to the client. The ESCO proceeded with a Phase II project that also included some high-payback but client-preferred energy management systems.

Alternative Supply Helps ESCO Create Savings for Government Client

An East Coast ESCO that was developing a project at a federal research campus brought in H2O to create a modest supplemental water conservation scope.

Most of the campus was served by on-site water supply and wastewater treatment systems, so there was little opportunity to achieve significant dollar savings with traditional water conservation measures. (Many military bases also have their own, on-site water and wastewater systems.)

However, by looking at the entire water picture, from supply to distribution to wastewater treatment, H2O uncovered significant savings potential that created a multimillion-dollar project.